Friday, February 13, 2009

New Header!

See that new header up there?!?! That delicious yarn, my friends, is a handdyed/handspun yarn by *MidnightOwl! Now I'm by no means a connoisseur of fine wines, fine food, or fine yarn. But I know a yummy yarn when I see one- and THAT is yummy yarn! When I saw the picture I knew it would be perfect to liven things up here at craftybuckeye.

Now speaking of gorgeous handspun yarn- Joanne at Shunklies! has some equally intoxicating yarn herself.

Joanne is a "a traditional craftswoman based in the countryside of Yorkshire, England." according to her etsy bio and she knows what she is doing! She has a wonderful shop and offers a variety of things from hand crafted yarns, to clothing and bags of her own design.

Now my yarn stash is measley compared to some of the intense collections I've seen on Ravelry. And since I'm new to the crafting community I feel I still have time to make wise decisions on fibers for my projects. I love acrylics, yes I said it. I do. They are cost effective, washable, pretty much indestructible, and they are what I learned with- So I'll always have a place in my heart for them. But after being exposed to such beautiful yarns in my LYS and looking at the fabulous creations from independant dyers and spinners such as Joanne, I am finding myself coveting a lot more natural fibers now! When my stash is able to grow yet again, I'll definitely be looking to add some of her handspun merino!

Look how pretty!

*Edited to fix reference

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