Friday, February 27, 2009

Dishcloth Dozen

So I must have really wanted to make dishcloths this month. I only needed to do 1 for the swap and yet I ended up with 3 in a matter of speaking.

I give you what started out as my February cloth for the Dishcloth Dozen Swap:
Yarn: Winter Berry
Needles: US6 Circulars

I love the pattern and think it is super cute but the variegated yarn just did nothing for it. Off to the frog pond it went. I'll try again with a solid.
I then decided to go with a repeat from last month. The Grandmother's Favorite. But either I can't read or subconciously chose to disobey the pattern because I only did K1 YO for all of the increases instead of K2YO. I ended up with half that had 2 stitches around (the top in the photo) and half with 1 stitch around (the bottom half) and I just couldn't send it out to someone as a gift. I'll still use it and love it even though it's lopsided.

Yarn- Cotton in Winter Berry
Needles- US6 Circulars
So I used what was left of the Winter Berry and decided to try a new pattern from my Lily book called Kitchen Kolors! I knew I wouldn't have enough for the entire thing so I brought in the sage green and since snelson says she loves green I thought it would be a nice contrast. It was my first time working something in this manner with leaving stitches unworked and I found it to be repetitive and easy to remember.

Yarn: Winter Berry and Sage Green
Needles: US6

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  1. I like those dishcloths. I agree, the first one looks like a neat pattern, but the second two seem like better uses of variegated. Love the beach ball one! I haven't made any circular dishcloths yet, but I think I will be trying them this year.