Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, I frogged my first project yesterday. It was bittersweet.

Remember my Happy Socks?

Well, I wasn't so happy with the first one since it was just a wee bit too small. That and I never got past the ribbing on the second one. So sadly, my first Happy Sock took a dive in Frog Pond yesterday.

I'll have to find another pattern that isn't plain old stocking stitch to hold my attention. I'll also hopefully be trying Magic Loop and 2 at a Time so as to avoid the dreaded SSS (Second Sock Syndrome)

But my birthday is this week and I've requested a few sock knitting helper things- yarn, needle, book- from my dad (courtesy of knitpicks!) so the yarn may start turning back into socks some time next week!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Check In for Fun Hoodie

So it was a rough last few weeks but I was able to get into Lambikins last Sunday (7/5) for some quality knit time with the ladies. I went with intentions to work on the Clapotis and Swallowtail, and I ended up leaving with a new project, new book, and the largest 1 times yarn purchase I have ever made. Everyone was working on this hoodie and I wanted a piece of it. I've watched countless projects done in classes and knit-alongs and I'd never jumped in. Until now. After seeing the Einstein coats, I wanted a squishy, lucious sweater/coat for myself. Enter Rowan Cocoon "aka Racoon" after a couple squeezes I couldn't let go. I went with an oatmeal and a red wine color. Knitting this up it is delightful. A little bit splitty and hairy because of the mohair but the resulting piece is unbelievably soft and warm. I've never felt anything like it. Christina swears that I will finish the object. I'm part of the Knit-A-Long on Sundays now so I have plenty of support and motivation. I can't wait to be able to wear this! (She also assures me it. will. fit!)
Oh and it's chunky yarn and Size 11 needles so it's moving along quite nicely!

This is a better representation of the color

I didn't tell the hubster how much I spent till later... much later.
Needles: US 11 Circulars, Metal

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Okay so let's take a minute and assess where I am with certain projects and what I have going on. I'm already contemplating frogging my first Happy Sock and trying a different pattern since it came out a teensy bit small.

On the needles:

Swallowtail Shawl Slowly but surely. Charts make me go blind
Check In Hoodie (New project I started... more on this later)
Fetching Seriously... I need to finish this. Only half a mitt to go!
Clapotis 2 more repeats and then decrease and finish off. Finish soon I hope!

Okay so that's not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Coming up... my first large yarn purchase. Help!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Where does the time go?

A lot has been going on the last couple weeks...

I put down my knitting for 2 solid weeks and it was torture.

It wasn't until last week that I was lucky enough to go to Lambikins on Sunday and able to take the time and put needles in my hands again.

I've got a few projects going on now, along with a new one (of course) so I'm hoping I can organize myself here shortly and get back to regular posting here on Crafty Buckeye.

For now, I'll leave you with my assistant.

She'll keep an eye on things till I get back.