Wednesday, January 14, 2009


61. purchase a knit pattern from Ravelry

In honor of my trip this weekend to NYC, along with the fact it will be a blistering 18* most of the weekend I found, and purchased this stylish and (hopefully) quick and easy pattern to keep my neck warm while sightseeing in the city! (Only $2.49!) I've got a skein of Paton's with this pattern's name all over it and I can't wait! If anything I can get started today/tomorrow and wrap it up on the plane. What else am I going to do for 2 hours? Well, I suppose I could sleep but who wants to do that when you could be crafting?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Block a Month- January

44. participate in and complete BAM challenge for 2009

Last night I officially started number 44. I will be making the Ravelry block as well as the filler block each month and hopefully by the end of the year I'll have a fabulous 4'x6' afghan :)

Pattern: Mandala
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver- Reef Stripe
My Ravelry Project Page

Friday, January 9, 2009


15. knit something with cables

Well let's not hesitate and start working on crossing things off shall we? I started this Hot Water Bottle Cozy on Wednesday night. I learned a new way to cast on and also used 2 circular needles for the first time. This project was all about firsts. It's almost finished and I'm hoping to cross it off the list over the weekend.

After 2 days of knitting- almost finished. Something clicked- all of a sudden my hands aren't fumbling with the needles anymore and I'm not confused between knit and purl :) It's about time!

Aren't the cables lovely?! They are surprisingly very easy- Jump right in and give them a try!
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Teal, Gold, Orange, Red

Baby Steps- an Introduction

This blog will be an outlet to document my crafty attempts. Yes, I've got 2 other blogs that suffer from a lack of attention so why would I create yet another blog? I got the crazy idea to creat a 101 in 1001 list with items solely related to crafting, yarn, needles, hooks, fabric, etc and felt the need to document each and every one of them. You can find related information regarding most projects I'll be working on on

As of now the list is incomplete with only 62 items.

Any suggestions to reach 101 would be greatly appreciated :)

101 Crafty things in 1001 Days!

From date: Friday, January 9, 2009
Resulting date: Friday, October 7, 2011

Knitting Projects (Must be FO to cross off)
1 knit a scarf.
2 knit a hat.
3 learn to knit socks.
4 knit a pair of gloves.
5 knit a pair of mittens
6 knit a traditional fisherman’s cable sweater.
7 knit a hand bag.
8 knit a market bag
9 knit a blanket.
10 knit a hoodie.
11 knit 5 dishcloths.
12 knit 24 blocks from 200 Stitch Patterns for Baby Blankets
13 knit something with a fair isle/intarsia pattern
14 knit something with lace
15 knit something with cables
16 knit a pair of baby booties
17 knit something to be felted
18 knit a stuffed animal
19 knit a blanket to donate to Project Linus
20 knit a pattern purchased from Ravelry
21 knit 2 non-dishcloth Christmas gifts for 2009
22 knit 2 non-dishcloth Christmas gifts for 2010
23 knit a korknisse
24 knit a baby blanket

Knitting Techniques
25 Bobbles
26 Cables
27 Double Pointed Needles
28 Circular needles
29 Lace

Crochet Projects (Must be FO to cross off)
30 crochet a blanket
31 crochet a hand bag.
32 crochet an amigurumi.
33 crochet a scarf.
34 crochet a hat.
35 crochet a pair of gloves.
36 crochet a pair of socks.
37 crochet 5 dishcloths.
38 crochet a market bag
39 crochet 25 motifs from Beyond the Square
40 crochet 25 blocks from 200 Crochet Blocks
41 crochet a pineapple pattern
42 crochet something with thread
43 crochet something using my smallest hook
44 crochet something to be felted
45 crochet a blanket to donate to Project Linus
46 crochet a pattern purchased from Ravelry
47 participate in and complete BAM challenge for 2009
48 participate in and complete BAM challenge for 2010
49 crochet 2 non-dishcloth Christmas gifts for 2009
50 crochet 2 non-dishcloth Christmas gifts for 2010
51 Crochet a 6'' doily
52 Crochet a doily larger than 12''

Crochet Techniques
53 Bobbles
54 Cables
55 Tunisian Stitch
56 Lace

Sewing/Quiting (borrow machine or buy new one)
57 sew a knitting bag.
58 sew a set of placemats.
59 sew a quilt.
60 sew 2 pillowcases.
61 sew a pair of pajama pants.
62 sew a hand bag.
63 sew 2 aprons.

64 establish crafting space/desk in spare room
65 teach 1 person to knit
66 teach 1 person to crochet
67 purchase a knit pattern from Ravelry
68 purchase a crochet pattern from Ravelry
69 create 4 beaded stitch markers
70 purchase "good" sock yarn from a LYS
71 create a journal/blog to document this listjournal all knitting, crochet & sewing projects on this list