Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving Right Along

So I have 9 days until the wedding. Oh, I forgot to mention- I was asked to be the guestbook attendant for the couple :) So I'll be super excited to show off my fabulous handiwork. Well, if I can get it finished that is!

As of today I've got 4 more pattern repeats to complete. I am hoping to finish Monday at knit night so that I have plenty of time to block it and keep working on my other projects. Of course I'm a procrastinator so I wouldn't feel right if I didn't leave myself just minimal time to complete. My friend is due in less than a month- sometime this month according to her dr. so I've got to finish (and really thats all that needs to be done is the "finishing") so that I can share the goods here with you!

Back to the wrap:

It's looking gorgeous and I'm still not bored with the pattern. Anne Hanson is an amazing designer. Stop by and tell her so!

Here she is as of Tuesday night... slightly less than halfway done.

Isn't that pattern beautiful? I can't wait to see it blocked!

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