Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Clap... I've caught it

So along with the other 11,367 people on Ravelry that are making/have made this lovely French woman inspired scarf, I had to hop on the Clapotis train. (that's clap-o-tea) I'm doing a smaller version using 4 balls of Crystal Palace Merino 5. It's a lovely iris colorway with bits of purple and green. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and knew it would be perfect for this. And since I'd wrapped up 2 projects last week (Japanese Feather and BSJ #2) Of course I had to cast on something else instead of knitting on the other WIPs I have sitting in the house.

I've started with the set-up rows and a total of 4.5 increase sections instead of the recommended 6.5 I also think I'll only be doing 10 repeats of the straight rows instead of the 13. This pattern is left up to interpretation on how large or small it wants to be that I am accomodating to the yarn and amount that I have. Basically as long as you stick to the rule of fifths you will be fine. (calculate your yarn yardage or weight- divide by 5 and allocate your yarn accordingly: that's 1/5 for the start/increase section, 1/5 for the decrease/end section, and 3/5 for the straight rows)

As of today I had the set up/ increase section completed and 3 repeats of the straight rows done. You drop stitches on purpose! ON PURPOSE! To create these pretty gaps in the fabric. I'm loving the color variations so far and the pattern couldn't be easier to memorize.
Photo taken at 3.5 increases and no dropped stitches yet. Color is more purple than the photo allows.

Pattern: Clapotis, Knitty Fall 2004
Yarn: Crystal Palace Merino 5
Needle: US 8 Circular

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