Monday, April 13, 2009

Japanese Feather Wrap

I have decided to make something for myself for a change. Well scratch that, start and COMPLETE something for myself. We (the hubs and I) are going to a wedding in May. Instead of going and buying yet another dress for another wedding I decided to change it up. I'll wear my LBD (Which I have yet to wear in black, only red) and make myself a lovely wrap/shawl and dress up with new jewelry- Cookie Lee of course!- and shoes. My friend Tonia recommended that I try a lace pattern by Anne Hanson and I fell in love with Japanese Feathers. I was struggling over choosing a color that I truly loved in a weight appropriate for the pattern that I almost scratched the project completely. Until Agnes came along. She made an absolutely gorgeous JF of her own and graciously offered to send me her remaining skein. 820 yds of Blue lagoon Nyoni awesomeness! I received it on Friday after a rough Thursday so it completely made my weekend and had me in good spirits. Not to mention the mailman arrived in time that I took it with me to show off at Lambikins. Agnes is good peoples, and I can't thank her enough for her generosity.
Isn't it gorgeous?!

I started it immediately on Friday and bought some new bamboo circs to get started (yes another set of US8's). The yarn knits like a dream. I'm 100% enamored! In 2 days I've completed a full 28 row repeat and 7 additional rows. Right now it looks like ramen noodles but a little stretch shows the lovely waves. I'm so excited by this project that I have no fear it will be done in time for the wedding.
Update: I worked on it again last night at Knit Night and have almost 2 full repeats finished. With 10 repeats total and at this pace I should be done over a week before the wedding. Plenty of time for blocking!

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