Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been a terrible blogger lately. I'm sorry. Between starting 2 new projects, travelling to California, Hosting our annual Summer Party, and being downright tired, I've been a slacker on teh internetz. I need to be better. The picture taking has gone down as well :( But now that the weather is getting cooler (thank heavens!) and things tend to sloow down for me after summer I'm hoping to be back to normal.

I have been busy knitting though!

Sneak Peak of what's on my needles:

Back of my checked hoodie finished, currently working on the front.

Got a magic loop and am attempting socks! again! Going much better than before and I'll have a brand spankin new pair of Twilight socks soon! Yarn, Book, and Magic Loop was birthday gift from my Dad and Family :) Yarn is Knitpicks Imagination in Mermaid Lagoon.

Bella Mittens! Had to have some, just like Bella! Not The Original but close enough!

And what is OFF the needles AND blocked!
yes, I've joined the masses and completed a viral knit :)
I've got quite a bit still planned for the next couple months and doing a choice few christmas gifts! Definitely need to get organized and start rolling on those!

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